Dental Services

Experienced Dentistry in the Greater Western Springs, La Grange, IL area

Marjorie Miller, D.D.S. offers a full array of dental services to help you maintain healthy teeth. You can read more on this page about specific services.

Anxious patients – nitrous oxide and oral sedation, stereo headphones, blankets and body support pillows 

Cosmetic Dentistry – white fillings, bonding, cosmetic contouring, correction of excessive or uneven gums, bleaching, KöR bleaching for tetracycline stained teeth, veneers, metal free crowns and bridges, premium dentures

Emergency Services – diagnosis of pain, treatment for oral infections, sedative fillings, repair of broken teeth and bridges, denture repair

Dental Hygiene/Preventive – dental health assessment, cleanings, scaling and root planning, localized antibiotic placement, tray fluoride application and fluoride varnish, sealants


Implants - standard and mini, replace single teeth, support fixed bridgework, or retain a denture

Jaw/TMD – occlusal splints and orthotics, TENS bite registration, equilibration

Oral Surgery – extractions, biopsy, gum surgery, Velscope Oral Cancer screening

Pediatric Dentistry – infant exams, preventive care for toddlers and children, home care instruction, sealants, retainers, fillings, oral infections, stainless steel crowns, athletic mouth guards, treatment of trauma

Removable prosthetics – premium dentures, partial dentures including those that are metal free