Dental Hygiene Department

Our Dental Hygiene Department

We employ a full time dental hygienist that provides meticulous dental cleanings and preventive care for our patients.  In addition, she is prepared to treat patients with the following special concerns:

Periodontal patients – We will actively monitor and record periodontal pocket depth, recession and inflammation at each appointment. Many of our periodontal patients see the hygienist three to four times a year and when needed, benefit from non-surgical treatment of gum problems which may include Cavitron assisted scaling, the diode soft tissue laser or localized placement of antibiotic medication. We also work with a periodontist for patients requiring more involved surgical care.

Cavity prone patients – We provide oral hygiene instruction and individually tailor our recommendations for home care. It is important to find out “why” a person having tooth decay and address those issues. We have available prescription strength fluoride toothpaste, remineralizing gel, xylitol products, power brushes and Water Pik irrigation devices.

Babies and children – We encourage parents to bring their infant in for oral examination before the first birthday. That way we can begin monitoring growth and development. We will also provide guidance to help little ones enjoy a healthy dental future. We love children and provide a fun and non-threatening environment for their care. We provide preventive care that includes cleaning the teeth, fluoride varnish and sealants on permanent teeth. We make orthodontic referrals at the appropriate time.

Fearful patients – For those patients who resist care due to fear, we can provide nitrous oxide, a mouth numbing pre-rinse or local anesthetic in conjunction with their preventive appointment.

Teamwork:   Dr Miller and our dental hygienist, Patty, are a story in themselves. They not only bring outstanding individual professionalism, meticulous detail and skill to their dentistry, but they have also worked together since October, 1993. This long standing and unique working relationship translates to mutual respect, trust and loyalty. They recognize the gifts and expertise of each other where the patient ultimately benefits. Dr Miller created an atomosphere that is conducive to growth, harmonious working relationships and continued learning. Both Dr Miller and Patty grew up in the area , and continue to bring their compassion to family, community and dentistry to their job. There is a strength, depth and continuity to their long working relationship that patients can feel immediately.